About me and my blog

I am a psychoanalyst. Since 2007, me and a group of my like-minded friends got involved in the project developing a model of the human psyche based on user internet activity.

Initially, the project was tailored to the purpose of therapy, but soon after it migrated to the IT and related areas – web resources personalization, gamedevelopment, bigdata (obtained results became instrumental in the development of artificial intelligence technology since 2013).
It so happened that our solutions were all conceived as B2B and we lucked out to rub elbows with PTBs (up to some vice presidents and CEOs), and worked with lots of major companies (except – surprisingly – the mighty FB) and a large number of medium and small ones. Therefore, I can see the Internet phenomena both with the eyes of the user, and the ones of the product developer. And further still, I can understand and explain the obvious – from the psychoanalyst’s point of view – reasons for the failure of certain decisions and the ones for the success of others. It may sound presumptuous, but I am ready to debate. )
But first and foremost, here I blog about the model of the psyche, the problems it can solve, and also on the psychological needs of users and on managing their behavior.

On Extroversion And Introversion In The Interface Design

I ran into a minor problem just the other day. For the first time ever I went to the site I looked for and felt the fiercest discomfort. For me the main page felt horribly overburdened. Several site sections, some passages of articles, assorted pictures, and sitebuttons danced before my eyes. It appears, that this time it happened due to a difference in perception between extroverts and introverts. This particular difference between said two outlooks I’d like to talk about today.

04 Oct 14



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