Data mining and main personal characteristic

One of the tasks we recently solve at most is behavioural data processing, – behavioural data of Internet users. As for a user’s behaviour – what do you think what personal trait mainly influences his/her behaviour in the web? Do you think of gender? Age? Social status? No, no, and no. This is it that is much ahead of others influencing behaviour. Intelligence. We faced this phenomenon long time ago. Our first task involved Big Data was clusterization reflecting wide-spread preferences at informational search. The aim was to increase relevancy of search results. We were solving the task by means of our own technological approach – by user profiling and grouping by profile elements. That time we were greatly surprized. Intelligence level appeared to make people’s behaviour look much alike than any other demographic characteristic. Further we just proved the co-relation,- we had discovered,- in making choices of specific gaming activity, what goods to buy, where to spend time, who to go out with. And especially in the news preferences. Difference between high intelligent people and low intelligent ones is maximal. One more curious fact was found when we got an opportunity to process social media data – data from users’ registration forms. Ta-dah! We found that education leveled that factor in very specific way: – it makes behaviour of people with average intelligence tend to behaviour of people with higher intelligence; – as for people with high or low intelligence – it [education] does not influence behaviour at most. If you are smart or not, if you are talented at whatever then education will not change you much. Invoking the singer – “But if you’re dull and stupid, you’ll be born a baobab-tree an’ will remain one for a thousand years or more, until you die”. Those who are average have prospects. Taking into account Gaussian curve we would say that intelligence correlates to education for most people. This is it. Now when mining behavioural data for any task the scale “high intelligence/high education – low intelligence/poor education” is on top of our list. We would like to study whether hard drinks and/or drug addiction influence that a person gets into the certain group but such personal information is not available. And one quote of the ancient Roman as the end – “All wise people ought to confer and hold converse with each other”. Plautus.