On Sex And Prohibitions

I want to talk about the need for sexual release, and the Internet. This topic is vast and challenging. But let’s start with what sex is associated in most people’s minds with – the taboo. It is the taboos, in my opinion, that are at least as much significant in the area of sexuality as the pleasure. And the Internet here causes the feelings of extra options, the lack (or at least a bare minimum) of limitations. The cocktail of such a wide range of ingredients promises to be amazing. Let’s start with phylogeny. Taboos and prohibitions in the sexual sphere are widely spread in the animal world. Almost all gregarious animals use restrictions of sexuality as a part of the formation of the hierarchy of the herd. Accordingly, the ability to mate is seen as a privilege. But even animal individualists have restrictions on the mating freedom. Competition and fights, in this case. Evolution uses taboos as a means of natural selection. Let’s keep in mind such an epic archaeological phenomenon of sexual limitation. In all the history of human society, I cannot recall the examples of absolute freedom of manifestations of sexuality. I once came across the description of an island nation with no restrictions whatsoever (I didn’t buy the story ’cause the author was too emotional about it.) Most of all, we’d have to thank global religions for this. Monotheistic ones – in most of its manifestations – considered sexuality as almost the main path of directing their efforts. Although it’s more accurate to say that said activity is carried out by hierarchs of different faiths rather than is encouraged by the basic religious texts. There was, of course, the sexual revolution, but – in my opinion – it is now obvious that it just changed the system of taboos. I am grateful to it for expanding the grounds of what is permitted. But we can draw the only one conclusion from it – in the history of mankind sex and taboos are also walking hand in hand. Now, to ontogenesis. Psychoanalysts have established the whole scientific field following the phenomena of banned sexuality and the need for relief. Since birth, the child is faced with an adults’ particular take on the subject of genitals, sex, and pleasure resulting from it. As they get older society, religion and media join in. Chances of arbitrariness in this matter are not an option. And finally there’s the Internet! Hooray! There’s no police (alas, only for now :() nor the inquisition (but Russia and China are ahead of everyone in this particular direction :(). It is believed that the mighty pornography itself gave the most powerful impetus to the development of the Web. I wholeheartedly agree. I’m not particularly innocent myself – first thing as soon as I understood the arrangement I made a beeline for piquant vids. But I guess that since the prohibition strongly became a part of anyone’s sexuality, the restrictions regarding certain needs will be formed unconsciously by users. I.e. even where everything is allowed, the users will organize restrictions for their own comfort. The pleasure of sex is too much associated with overcoming obstacles, and we’ll need the new ones, if old ones disappear. Perhaps this is the main reason why the share of normal sex porn sites is so small in comparison with its various deviations. Next time I intend to expand on the theme of pleasure 🙂