On Accumulation Need

By the need for accumulation we mean the accumulation of a certain resource in order to reduce the stress in the future. Pardon for the somewhat complicated wording :). It means I am saving a resource so as to not strain myself overmuch in the future regarding the situation I’ve known beforehand of. Supply availability reduces my anxiety about the future outcome. Let’s start with the fact that the manifestation of said need is widespread in the animal world. One of the most touching examples – a squirrel hiding nuts :). Most often, this need is related to the nutriance need. But not only so. We can accumulate books and articles for something to read later – the information is the object here. We leave some gasoline in the tank – for ability to move. There are many examples. And most of all we suffer owing to our own body storing energy in case of hunger :). But let’s turn our attention to our point of interest – Internet services and games. The first aspect that I would like to examine – is a deficient situation. Following the definition, the user must be aware of the problem in the making. Knowledge usually results from using the service, a game process or similar situations encountered previously. At this stage, there is some opportunity to control the user at the hands of resource’s creator. Monetization through the provision of opportunities to accumulate, in my opinion, is one of the most humane. But only if it is enabling and not imposing. And a very subtle approach is required for the construction of deficient situation itself. Any artificial limitations can cause aggression and negativism. On the contrary, if the deficient resource is associated with the processing power, storage capacity, the gameplay it is perceived with understanding. The second point that, in my opinion, is often overlooked – is that the accumulation of the resources should give a real tangible effect. If you are offering to buy an additional amount of data for future use, make sure that in due time said volume would be more expensive than that stated in the proposal. If a gamer spends efforts on accumulation, then the resource – should an opportunity arise – has to appoint him an advantage. Ignoring this rule, the owner would become deprived of the chance to use this need in the future. And the third aspect – the task of spending the real resources (time, money, social connections) on behalf of the virtual ones. This process is only possible when the user is involved in an alternative reality. For example, if he plays a lot and with passion or if it is important to him to use this storage service – it’s nice and comfortable situation. Because there is always an alternative solution to the upcoming challenges in the virtual world – exiting it. And the mind is always considering all the solutions to the problem. An existence of suicides, unfortunately, illustrates such a solution. Loosely speaking, a positive sides (impression, practical usefulness) from the service (or a game) must always exceed the negative ones (stress, negative emotions, financial and time expenses), and preferably do it with a margin. If this ratio is maintained, it is easy to monetize certain needs. I myself, too, indulge in hoarding :), and I want to carry it out easily and pleasantly. I hope this text will contribute to the fulfillment of my dreams. Comment and we’ll see whether this need is more or less pressing than the need for aggression 🙂